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When starting to design your new kitchen it is a great idea to get advice from people how are experts in the industry. All DIY Australia kitchens staff have a long industry back ground, so when you ask a question related to your new DIY kitchen renovation they will have the answers you need.
To make it easy we offer a free design service in our showrooms or on line though email and video chat. We will spend the time getting to know what you are after for you new kitchen to be the perfect heart of the home. When sitting down with one of our kitchen designers they will take into account your needs, wants and ideas to make the perfect kitchen the whole family will enjoy for years to come. Call us today or email your plans for a free quote.

 Promo conditions: Free Delivery and assembling only available in Sydney Metro. $500 discount applies on cabinets only.

Shadowline handle less kitchen designs will make your home look fantastic

If you are after a designer DIY Kitchen you should consider the handless Shadowline kitchen. When we design a  shadow line kitchen you end up with continuous lines going across the top of the doors and drawers. If you are after a kitchen that wow's, this is a great choice.
This kitchen not only looks great but has a stream line look that makes it easy to use. A new shadowline kitchen will have your friends & Family taking about your new DIY Kitchen. You can get the shadowline kitchen and any colour making it a great choice when you want to put a personal touch to your new DIY Kitchen. You will find the shadowline kitchen in high end show homes around Australia. Let us help you design your new Kitchen. Shadowline kitchens are a mid range price.
All our kitchens can be delivered in assembkled in Sydney or as custom flat pack kitchen.

 Promo conditions: Free Delivery and assembling only available in Sydney Metro. $500 discount applies on cabinets only. 

         Our Shaker kitchen design will add warmth to your family home

You will love spending time with your family & Friends in your new shaker kitchen . All Shaker kitchens are custom made so you can add the Hidden luxury items you have always wanted in your new kitchen. You can add your personal touch with custom colours. Shaker kitchens are all about detailed finish's and Fittings. The extra details in this kitchen will make your new shaker DIY kitchen be a one of a kind. With the detail involved in manufacturing a shaker kitchen this make it very labour intensive to manufacture, but the rewards are great.
This style will be a great addition to any provincial home or country home in the city or country. We want to make your new kitchen stand out from the rest, Call us today to arrange a time with our designers to create your dream shaker kitchen.

 Promo conditions: Free Delivery and assembling only available in Sydney Metro. $500 discount applies on cabinets only. 

               Modern Polyurethane kitchens offer a stylish look & Feel

When you’re after a state of the art modern kitchen design DIY Australia kitchens can create what you are after. With a modernistic Kitchen we will create a cutting edge design with all the modern accessorizes you would expect at a realistic price. You can create a modern kitchen by combining   different materials like poly, laminate or natural timbers. The look of a modern DIY kitchen is often stream line and stylish. This Kitchen Style looks great in a modern home or apartment. This style of DIY kitchen is often a mid - high range price. If you would like to save money we can offer a easy flat pack kitchen solution for you. Let us put your ideas to life, call us today to arrange a appointment with a kitchen designer

Promo conditions: Free Delivery and assembling only available in Sydney Metro. $500 discount applies on cabinets only. 

                                    A Poly kitchen design will add value to any home

Let your mind run wild with a new poly kitchen from DIY Australia. This style of kitchen have a flat panel door and a small pencil edge. When you add modern kitchen handles to give your poly kitchen a custom look. The colour range on poly kitchens is endless you can choose and colour and also select any door finish like, Matt, semi-gloss and high shine. This style of kitchen will look amazing in any home across Australia. Poly DIY kitchens are often a mid-range price option.  Call us or email your plans for a free quote. 

DIY Laminated kitchens have never looked so good!
When it comes to affordable design and wood patterns a DIY Laminated kitchen is the best solution. With a laminated DIY kitchen you can mix and match colours to give you a perfect look to suit your home. Laminated DIY Kitchens are hard wearing and very easy to maintain. This style is great for all purposes from family home to rental property. Most often this is at the budget price end of the market, but can go into the mid rage depending on the colour and brands used. We supply laminated kitchens from all the leading brand like Formica, laminex and poly tek. As with all our kitchens, they are Australian made and custom made to your measurements. Call or email us today so we can create a new DIY Kitchen. 

 Promo conditions: Free Delivery and assembling only available in Sydney Metro. $500 discount applies on cabinets only. 

                            Superior Acrylic high gloss mirror finish!

This is one of the most durable door surface available. This is the newest material to the kitchen industry. If you have a high traffic area and worry about a high gloss being stretched you have to consider the acrylic door finish. That has a 6 x higher scratch resistant finish to most door materials on the market. The options for the colours can be plain or pearl. The prices for this material is the Standard poly price.  Speak to one of our kitchen designs so they can so you the benefits of choosing Acrylic doors for your new kitchen. 

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When you want to bring the best quality kitchens to all Australians you need leading companies that share your believes. We have selected the best companies to provide materials and hardware so all our customers are amazed at the quality and let all their friends know about what we offer. Our main hardware supplier is Blum. All out hardware comes with a life time warranty. All our manufacturing work comes with a 15 year warranty. Please call or email is today if you would like more information about the quality materials we use. 
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