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Soft Close Blum Hardware 

Blum is the leading company when it comes to kitchen cabinet hardware. All Blum products come with a 20 year warranty. We offer the whole range of Blum products. BLUMOTION is the name given to the soft close system. 

Smooth, whisper-soft closing action paired with an equally graceful appearance make the new BLUMOTION hinges a standout for visual and tactile aesthetics. BLUM's engineers have managed to integrate a virtually invisible damping mechanism into the much-loved Clip Top hinge design, preserving all of the 3-way adjustability and clip-on ease of the original. No more rattling glasses and banging cabinet doors and no bulky apparatus on the outside of the hinge. In addition, each hinge has a switch for turning the soft-close feature on or off; perfect for adjusting the speed of the close. Switching off one hinge on smaller, lighter doors allows the same soft-close speed throughout your kitchen.

What is the METABOX system? Metabox is not just a runner but an entire drawer system of components that make building drawers easier while adding value, high quality construction and coordinated accessories. Unique to the design is a three-sided drawer with metal sides functioning as runners. These sides are screwed to the bottom and back panels requiring no glue or joinery. Blumatic self-closing action and ability to customize drawer organization are just a few of the many features that make Blum Metabox the most versatile and complete drawer system available today! 

BLUMOTION is a unique system for smooth and silent closing. By combining BLUMOTION with the smooth-running action of TANDEM and TANDEMBOX, Blum has redefined the standards of drawer movement. With just a light touch, drawers with BLUMOTION close smoothly and silently even when they are fully loaded. BLUMOTION engages when the drawer is two inches from closing and applies resistance to the self-closing mechanism on the runner. 

Below are a range of videos highlighting some of Blum's products.

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Blum Meta box inner drawers


                      Blum Tandem box drawer runners



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