Installation services supplied by

Cut outs
Drop in Sink $90
Drop in cooktop $90
Under mount sink $300
Tap cut out $35
Flush mount sink & cooktop $550
Any other cut outs quoted per job
20mm edges included in the slab price
40mm edging $500 per slab
50 - 100mm quoted per job
Extra polish under bar area $40 p/m
mitre joint for waterfall end  $150
Check measure
Please refer to the map below
Area 1 - $150
Area 2 - $200
Area 3 - $225
Area 4 - $250
Area 5 - $300
On site Installation costs
1 slab* - $500 - $600
2 Slab* - $600 - $800
3 Slab* - $800 - $1000
4 Slabs* and over - Quoted per job
*Surchange may apply for complicated jobs


DIY Installation for Stone Benchtops

Items you will need:
-Depending on your benchtop size 1 - 2  NON acetic silicon. Can be bought at Bunnings.  
-Diamond cut blade ($20 at Bunnings)
-Bottle of water
-Stanley Blade

The trick to getting perfect level joints is to make sure the carcass are level. In most cases you will need two people to install standard 20mm benchtops and 3 people if you have a 40mm bar area. 

Steps to cutting your Stove and Sink cut outs:
1. Mark out the template on the Caesarstone benchtops. 
2. Cut and add water every 200mm to keep the blade cool.
3. Around the top of the carcass put the silicon blobs. 
4. Place each piece in its spot.
5. Use colour matched silicon (we can provide) for the joints. To clean any access glue you can use a new stanley blade and mineral turpentine. 
6. Allow silicon to set over 24 hours
7. Enjoy your new Caesarstone benchtops with family and friends. 

For warranty purposes we recommend a qualified stone mason to install. We can offer referrals in your local area.
Caesarstone’s colour development program takes into account international and Australian design directions from different categories including materials, furniture and interiors. These are juxtaposed against the needs of residential and commercial interiors as well as the types of applications. 
Caesarstone products are used being particularly mindful of the longer, more timeless lifespan of our products. 
All the new designs are unique and exclusive to the Caesarstone® brand, backed up by sophisticated advanced technology, proven and trusted quality and after sales service. 
The five new Classico™ colours will be launched in early September 2011 and available through all kitchen retailers.

       All Kitchen cabinets, benchtops & Splashbacks are custom made to your sizes

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