Kitchen Door Designs
Kitchen doors are one of the most important features of a kitchen. When it comes to an impressive kitchen, the kitchen door style and quality makes all the difference. DIY Australia has a wide range of kitchen doors available for your new kitchen. With our wide range of kitchen doors you can make your DIY Kitchen / Flat pack kitchen unique to your taste and new kitchen concept.
Save hundreds on your new kitchen doors with DIY Australia. All kitchen doors are custom-made in Australia. We offer a wide range of kitchen doors including laminate doors, Poly doors, polyurathen doors,  aluminium framed doors and moulded kitchen doors.

All moulded/routered can only be painted in poly with any of the Dulux range of colours. Your moulded and Poly kitchen doors can also be finished in Matt, Semi Gloss and Hinge Gloss.



Poly Door Selection
These profiles are only available in Poly / Polyurethane 

Routered kitchen door designs
      501BSQ                           502DSQ                           504DSQ                              506BSQ                                                                                                                                                         

Kitchen door designs 2
       401 FSQ                              402DSQ                                     401MSQ                               403GSQ                                                                                                                                                    

      609PSQ                          609XSQ                               601PSQ                            601-1PSQ                                                                                                                                      
Aluminium Doors
 Internal glass is 6mm and can be clear of frosted  

   Aluminium Framed doors                   Painted colours aluminium
                                                                    framed doors

  Aluminium Door Profiles
  Internal glass is 6mm and can be clear of frosted 

                                   Profile  V1                                                                                    Profile V2


                                        ProfileV3                                           Profile V3H


                                                                                   Profile V4     


  Moulded Door designs 
  These profiles are only available in Poly / Polyurethane and Vinyl wrap finishes

 Pencil Round        Colonial Edge      Large Colonial     Medium Colonial      30x30mm                      Edge                                                      Edge                         Edge             Beveled Edge

Beveled with          1 step Pencil          2 step Pencil        25x25 Beveled      Square Edge
  Step Edge                  Edge                       Edge                      Edge

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       All Kitchen cabinets, benchtops & Splashbacks are custom made to your sizes

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