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Download Laminate Benchtop Colour Charts

We offer a huge range of laminate benchtop options. There are different price options for different finishes.
Please refer to this list below for prices:

STANDARD COLOURS - Any of the Matt finishes through all brands. Excludes High Shine and Square Form/tight form.
LAMINEX SQUARE FORM BENCHTOPS (R5) - A selected range of laminates can be used for square form. Add 15% to our standard prices. Please note that only laminates listed in HVG Square and Laminex Square can be used.

LAMINEX DIAMOND GLOSS - Hard wearing gloss finish with a high detailed look. 
Great gloss finish. All high shine benchtops are wrapped in bubble wrap. Add 12% to our standard prices.

Benchtops supplied be

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                                               DOWNLOAD                                  DOWNLOAD                                  DOWNLOAD 
                                       Standard colours                     Matt finish Standard colours             Matt finish Standard colours        
                                                 Formica                                   Wilsonart colours                            Polytec colours

                 DOWNLOAD                              DOWNLOAD                               DOWNLOAD                               DOWNLOAD
          HVG Square profile                  Laminex Square form                       HVG High shine                    Laminex Diamond finish

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