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Customized Clear And Star Fire Glass Splash Backs  

Kitchen Glass splash backs are an alternative to the traditional tiles. It will provide an easy cleaning surface and will give you a clean modern look. Coloured Glass splash backs come in a range of colours from whites, blues, greens, reds and everything in between. You can choose to have your Glass splash back colour customized from any of the dulux range at your local hardware store. We can arrange all the cut outs including power points, windows and rangehood. The splash backs are made from quality Australian-made 6mm Toughen glass and the back is painted with your colour selected. The Glass comes in two finishes, Clear and Star fire. Clear Glass has a slight green tint to it and Star fire has all colours removed. See example below. If you are going for a lighter colour (like a white) and choose Clear glass, the splash back will come out a very light green colour. If you select the Star fire glass and put the white colour behind, it will turn out white on the front. 

Bottom piece of glass is "Clear Glass" and top piece is                                       All splash backs can be a
"Star fire glass" which is totally clear.                                                                 customized colour from the Dulux                                                                                                                                                        Colour range.

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