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All About Caesarstone Benchtops and prices
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Caesarstone benchtops are one of the luxurious finishes you could have for a kitchen benchtop. You will enjoy your Caesarstone benchtop for years to come. It will last and keep its luster with everyday use. You will find a wide range of Caesarstone colours to choose from, there will be one to suit your home, office or restaurant. You will find our Caesarstone benchtop prices more affordable through DIY Australia than other Caesarstone suppliers around Australia. We sell Caesarstone benchtops to DIY home renovators and trades people. Our Caesarstone benchtop prices are some of the lowest on the market across Australia. To compare our Caesarstone benchtop prices to your local supplier just send your Caesarstone benchtop design to us and we will send you a free quote within 24 hours. You will be pleasantly surprised how affordable your new Caesarstone benchtop will be for your new kitchen renovation. Your new Caesarstone benchtop will have the top end workmanship you would expect from a Caesarstone benchtop supplier. If you have any questions about your Caesarstone benchtop please contact us.

Available in sydney metro only
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Caesarstone Benchtop Colours And Prices
Brand Colour Range Standard Slab Thickness Surface Price per slab3000 x 1400
Caesarstone Pure White 1141 Premium 20mm Polished $2,549
Caesarstone Ocean Foam 6141 Standard 20mm Polished $1,999
Caesarstone Ice Snow 9141 Standard 20mm Polished $1,749
Caesarstone Nougat 6600 Dulux 20mm Polished $2,049
Caesarstone Snow 2141 Dulux 20mm Polished $1,899
Caesarstone Organic White 4600 Dulux 20mm Polished $2,249
Caesarstone Osprey 3141 Standard 20mm Polished $1,749
Caesarstone White Shimmer 3142 Standard 20mm Polished $1,899
Caesarstone Frosty Carrina 5141 Supernatural 20mm Polished $2,949
Caesarstone Calacatta Nuvo 5131 Supernatural 20mm Polished $4,499
Caesarstone London Grey 5000 Supernatural 20mm Polished $2,999
Caesarstone White Attica 5143 Supernatural 20mm Polished $3.199
Caesarstone Cosmopolitan White 5130 Supernatural 20mm Polished $3.199
Caesarstone Statuario Maximus 5031 Supernatural Ultra 20mm Polished $4,999
Caesarstone Statuario Nuvo 5111 Supernatural Ultra 20mm Polished $4,999
Caesarstone Alpine Mist 5110 Supernatural 20mm Polished $2,999
Caesarstone Ivory 2220 Standard 20mm Polished $1,748
Caesarstone Dreamy Marfil 5220 Supernatural 20mm Polished $3,199
Caesarstone Almond Rocca 9241 Standard 20mm Polished $1,749
Caesarstone Taj Royale 5212 Supernatural 20mm Polished $2,999
Caesarstone Buttermilk 4220 Dulux 20mm Polished $2,199
Caesarstone Creme Brule 4255 Standard 20mm Polished $2,199
Caesarstone Nimbus 9601 Standard 20mm Polished $1,749
Caesarstone Tuscan Dawn 5104 Supernatural 20mm Polished $3,199
Caesarstone Linen 2230 Standard 20mm Polished $1,799
Caesarstone Shitake 4230 Dulux 20mm Polished $2,199
Caesarstone Wild Rice 4360 Standard 20mm Polished $2,699
Caesarstone Wild Rocks 6250 Dulux 20mm Polished $2,699
Caesarstone Nordic Loft 6041 Standard 20mm Polished $1,799
Caesarstone Ginger 4330 Standard 20mm Polished $2,199
Caesarstone Walnut 3350 Standard 20mm Polished $2,199
Caesarstone Emperadoro 5380 Supernatural 20mm Polished $3,199
Caesarstone Atlantic Salt6270 Dulux 20mm Polished $2,199
Caesarstone Bianco Drift 6131 Supernatural 20mm Polished $3,199
Caesarstone Clamshell 4130 Dulux 20mm Polished $2,199
Caesarstone Noble Grey 5211 Supernatural Ultra 20mm Polished $4,999
Caesarstone Fresh Concrete 4001 Dulux 20mm Textured $2,199
Caesarstone Raw Concrete 4004 Dulux 20mm Textured $2,199
Caesarstone Sleek Concrete 4003 Dulux 20mm Textured $2,199
Caesarstone Urban 2040 Standard 20mm Polished $1,799
Caesarstone Georgian Bluffs 6134 Supernatural 20mm Polished $3,299
Caesarstone Symphony Grey 5133 Supernatural 20mm Polished $3,299
Caesarstone Oyster 4030 Dulux 20mm Polished $1,899
Caesarstone Vanilla Noir 5100 Supernatural 20mm Polished $3,199
Caesarstone Piatra Grey 5003 Supernatural 20mm Polished $2,799
Caesarstone Raven 4120 Dulux 20mm Polished $2,199
Caesarstone Night Sky 6100 Standard 20mm Polished $2,199
Caesarstone Jet Black 3100 Standard 20mm Polished $2,199
Caesarstone’s colour development program takes into account international and Australian design directions from different categories including materials, furniture and interiors. These are juxtaposed against the needs of residential and commercial interiors as well as the types of applications. 
Caesarstone products are used being particularly mindful of the longer, more timeless lifespan of our products. 
All the new designs are unique and exclusive to the Caesarstone® brand, backed up by sophisticated advanced technology, proven and trusted quality and after sales service. 
The five new Classico™ colours will be launched in early September 2011 and available through all kitchen retailers.
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What is Caesarstone? 

Caesarstone® is a quartz-based fabricated stone which can be used for attractive and functional countertops, shower and tub surrounds, interior wall cladding, and other interior applications. Compared to natural stone surfacing, Caesarstone offers many attractive advantages including greater strength, wear resistance, ease of handling, and a unique aesthetic character.

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All About Caesarstone Benchtop Ranges

Caesarstone® Classico™
Caesarstone® Classico™ is the most widely used collection and at the very core of our brand. Scratch resistant, non-porous, waterproof, mould and mildew resistant, Classico™ surfaces are ideal for kitchen and bathroom applications, retaining their natural beauty and functionality. Classico™ surface never requires sealing. Large slabs provide a sleek and modern aesthetic, minimizing joins and therefore maintenance. Classico™ quartz surfaces offer numerous advantages over other types of surface materials. Quartz being one of nature’s strongest and most abundant minerals, has a hardness of seven on the Mohs scale (this measures the hardness of a mineral); a diamond is the hardest at ten. Classico™ surfaces offer four times the flexural strength and double the impact resistance of granite.

Caesarstone Motivo ® 
Caesarstone® proudly presents the world’s first quartz surface incorporating sculpted pattern designs. Developed by Caesarstone, Motivo® utilizes a brilliant new patented technology that enables the incorporation of pattern designs into the surface of a Caesarstone® quartz slab.  Motivo® surfaces are a grout-free alternative to tiles and have been primarily designed for vertical surface applications in homes and commercial interiors such as wall paneling in foyers or bathrooms, feature panels, custom-made furniture and kitchen and bathroom splash backs. Like all Caesarstone® quartz surfaces, Motivo® surfaces are non-porous, never require sealing and need very little maintenance to keep them looking like new.   

Caesarstone Supremo®
Caesarstone Supremo® is a new premium collection that blends an exceptional design with innovative technology. Creating a new sphere in the quartz industry, Supremo® proudly delivers a natural, exclusive look supported by the added quality and guarantee of quartz. Distinctly different from any other quartz surface in the market, each slab is a one-of-a-kind creation and comes in its own unique flow of colour and pattern. For surface to edge pattern continuity we recommend a mitre apron edge profile. 

Caesarstone Concetto® 
Caesarstone Concetto® is a collection of extraordinary surfaces hand-made from individually cut and bound semi-precious stones. Sourced from all corners of the world, semi-precious stones radiate the most vivid colors and breathtaking structures of these natural materials. Now, in a unique blend of art, nature and technology, Concetto® brings the sophistication and powerful energy of these stones to the surface. Made from completely natural semi-precious stones, each surface is completely unique with its own intrinsic shadings and patterns. Concetto® is ideal for a variety of applications such as kitchen benchtops and splash backs, bathroom vanities, wall and floor panels to furniture pieces and feature walls. Concetto®’s easy-living characteristics are as strong as its beauty. Being extremely heat, stain and scratch resistant, the emphasis is on high quality and low maintenance surfaces.