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Diy Australia's Kitchen cabinets are fully customisable. We can 
manufacture any cabinet to your need and desire. Our state of the art machinery will give you a great cut and drill all holes needed to complete your custom kitchen cabinet.  With all our kitchen cabinets you have the option to make them any Height upto 3000mm in most cases , any width and any Depth, We offer the widest range of materials from laminate (entry level) poly (polythene) , vinyl wrap Timber verneer (top Level). 
The range of colours for all the kitchen cabinets are endless. We only use top quality Australia made materials for our cabinets and doors. Our hardware is from Blum (German Made) and comes with a life time warranty.

Kitchen cabinet materials

All Carcass and door materials are Australian made and meet high Australian Standards, Our Boards come from Poly Tec (Borg Branded). Our carcass are made from 16mm HMR ( High Moisture resistant )  Boards, Our laminated doors are are 16mm MRMDF ( Moisture resistant Medium Density Fibre-boards) Boards and our poly and vinyl doors are 18mm (Moisture resistant Medium Density Fibre-boards) . With these materials and the quality workmanship this gives you piece of mind that your new kitchen will be enjoyed by your family for years to come. We also offer a 10 year warranty on all our workmanship and materials

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        All Kitchen cabinets, benchtops & Splashbacks are custom made to your sizes

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