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cUSTOM sHaker kitchen 


This is our most popular kitchen design. Its modern, clean lines offer a sleek look without the need for handles. Poly finish doors and panels are available in almost any colour. We can supply our Shadowline DIY kitchens fully assembled in Sydney or as flat-pack kitchens all over Australia.


 The Shaker kitchen is a high-end classic style that will stand the test of time. The door colour can be customised to give your kitchen a uniquely personal look. You'll love spending time in this kitchen with your family and friends for years to come. We can supply our Shaker DIY kitchens fully assembled in Sydney or as flat-pack kitchens all over Australia.

ultra glaze

A high gloss mirror finish gives the ultra glaze kitchen a designer modern look. With a wide range of solid colours and metallic finishes, you won't have a problem selecting a colour for your kitchen renovation. We can supply our Ultra Glaze DIY kitchens fully assembled in Sydney or as flatpack kitchens all over Australia.


 Poly can be used to achieve a modern or classic look kitchen design. You can add handles or use a push touch, handless solution. The premium 2 pack paint on the doors is available in almost any colour. Door finishes are available in matt, satin or high gloss. We can supply our Poly DIY kitchens fully assembled in Sydney or as flat-pack kitchens all over Australia.

quality custom KITCHENS at diy prices

DIY Australia has been making high-quality flat-pack and DIY kitchens here in Sydney for over 10 years.

We use only the best Australian-made materials to create your kitchen cabinets and back our workmanship with an industry-leading warranty of 15 years.

With DIY Australia, you get a high-quality kitchen at an affordable price that you and your family will enjoy for many years to come.

Why DIY new_edited.png




Our professional kitchen designers can create your dream kitchen in 3D with our software. This is a free service in our Sydney factory, or our experienced kitchen designer can come to your home for a small fee.

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We will come to your home in Sydney and do a check measure on site. Great for peace of mind if you are not 100% confident designing your own kitchen. 



Our professional installation team can come to your home and install your new kitchen cabinets and benchtops in Sydney. 

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