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What Are Flat Pack Kitchens & Why Should You Consider Them?

Whether you're looking to improve your home to put on the market, or just want to update it to be more stylish and practical, a new kitchen makes a great impact.

The cost of a new kitchen can vary enormously so it's important to determine what budget you can afford for the project before embarking. If your budget doesn't extend to a fully bespoke kitchen built by a joiner, there are many ways to achieve a stylish, quality result at a lower cost.

Probably the most popular option for budget-conscious renovators is the flat pack kitchen. But what exactly is a "flat pack" kitchen, why are they so popular and should you consider a flat pack kitchen yourself?

What Are Flat Pack Kitchens?

In general, flat pack kitchens are those that are supplied by the manufacturer with all the components you need to assemble and install yourself.

Flat pack kitchen assembly.
Easily assemble and install your flat pack kitchen yourself.

The kitchen components are cut precisely, holes are pre-drilled where necessary, cabinets finished to the highest standards and delivered as a kit to put together like a jigsaw puzzle.

After providing your kitchen plan to the manufacturer, the required parts and elements are usually delivered within 15-30 days.

Full, explanatory instructions are provided for how to build and install your DIY flat pack

kitchen. Some patience and effort is all you need to achieve a completed kitchen, with no need for costly out-sourcing.

Main Benefits of a Flat Pack Kitchen

When it comes to renovating or designing kitchens, flat pack kitchens are an extremely popular option because they deliver a winning combination of quality, style and value.

Some of the main benefits of flat pack kitchens are:

Custom Designed:

One of the most compelling reasons to consider a flat pack kitchen is that you can design it to suit any size or layout. There are styles to suit both limited spaces as well as large and open-plan spaces.

DIY flat pack kitchens are completely customisable - you can choose the cabinetry sizes, bench top material, door profiles, appliances and hardware according to your personal taste and requirements. There is also a huge range of colours and finishes to choose from.

Cost Effective:

The number of choices available to kitchen renovators choosing the DIY flat pack method mean there's a kitchen available to suit every budget. The overall cost of your new kitchen can vary enormously depending upon the materials, features, appliances and accessories you choose.

Flat pack kitchens allow you great flexibility to manage your budget as you can cut costs in certain areas and spend more in others depending on your priorities. For those on a very tight budget, there are cost-effective options for every element of a DIY flat pack kitchen.


Choosing a cost effective option does not mean that you need to compromise on quality. In fact when you are choosing a flat pack kitchen, you are getting the best quality for your money as the overheads to manufacture them are lower than traditional custom made kitchens.

Modern day custom designed flat pack kitchens are made according to your requirements, deliver a high standard of quality and come with extensive warranties. You also have the option to choose high end features such as drawer runners and hardware to maintain that level of quality throughout.

Before starting your kitchen renovation project, pop in to a showroom of a flat pack kitchen company to see the quality for yourself.

Renovators visit a DIY kitchen showroom
Visit a DIY kitchen showroom to see the quality for yourself.

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