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Selling Houses Australia Kitchen Makeover: Normanhurst

In the first episode in Series 12 of Selling Houses Australia, we met Lynn from Normanhurst, NSW.

Lynn had lived in her 3 bedroom property for 38 years, and the home required a serious makeover to attract a modern buyer.

With most family members spending a considerable amount of time in the kitchen each day, the majority of people agree that it is the heart of any home. Lynn's poor, outdated kitchen was in no way inviting and was putting off potential buyers. It felt cramped, cluttered and cut off from the rest of the house. There were also many signs of the numerous pet cats and fostered felines that had made their way to Lynn's home.

All in all, the kitchen was tired, shabby and in desperate need of a renovation.

Lynn's Normanhurst kitchen before the Selling Houses makeover. (Photos courtesy of the Lifestyle Channel)

The Selling Houses team completely transformed Lynn's kitchen - opening up the space to create a wonderful, open-plan living area.

The use of DIY Australia's Shadowline kitchen cabinets gave the new kitchen a clean, modern look that is popular with modern home owners. The large kitchen island provided a practical combination of storage, seating area and work space.

Shaynna Blaze and her design team completely transformed this Normanhurst kitchen. (Photos courtesy of the Lifestyle Channel)

Contrasting cabinet finishes injected some warmth and texture to the overall design, which was in keeping with the period of the house. In larger kitchens, this is a great way to break up the area and stop it from appearing cold and sterile-looking.

A clever use of lighting and some interesting accessories to personalise the space were all that were needed to add the finishing touches to this spectacular new kitchen.

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