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Tips For Designing Your Flat Pack Kitchen

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

DIY kitchens have become a popular option for architects, construction companies, builders and home renovators due to the flexibility they afford. Designing a DIY kitchen gives you the freedom to choose from an endless range of designs, layouts and features.

Due to the increasing demand, there are many companies that now offer DIY or flat pack kitchens at a very economical price. If you're interested in installing them yourself, you can order your flat pack kitchen cabinets and put them together in very little time. This means you can get a brand new kitchen within a much shorter lead time than a traditional custom-made kitchen.

However, when ordering a DIY kitchen, there are certain considerations that can help you choose the best designs and features.

First of all, you should be ready with your blueprint or plan of the space you have to work with. It is essential to have accurate measurements available before proceeding with your kitchen design.

You also need to have considered your family’s requirements and the budget you need to work within.

When designing your DIY kitchen, the following 7 tips can help ensure you achieve a stylish and unique result:

1. Bright or contrasting backsplash: To achieve a truly unique look to your new kitchen, consider choosing a brightly coloured or contrasting backsplash. If you love a sleek, modern style then choose a solid bright colour that complements your home’s décor. If you’re a fan of retro style kitchens, a black and white combination looks striking.

Cool shades of white and grey can make your overall space looks larger and brighter and contrast well against darker coloured kitchen cabinets or bench tops.

Yellow and golden tones can add a feeling of warmth in a kitchen and look great when matched with appliances and kitchen décor such as kettles, toasters and artwork.

2. Cabinets and hardware: There are many different cabinet door profiles available to suit varying styles of kitchen from sleek and modern to more traditional, classic designs such as the Shaker. Spend some time online browsing various kitchen designs to find the style you love the most and save some of your favourite images to reference throughout the design process.

Decorative cabinet hardware and accessories like handles and knobs can really make a statement and set the tone for the style of kitchen you’ve chosen.

Crisp, white cabinetry along with shiny chrome hardware can easily offset dark appliances and bench tops for a classic, sophisticated look. Nickel finished or stainless steel knobs and handles are the ideal choice to complement this style of kitchen.

If you’re looking to achieve a Hampton’s, Shaker or country style kitchen, cup handles in brass or nickel are the perfect choice for your drawers. Combine them with matching knobs for the upper cabinets.

3. Lighting and Light Fixtures: Adding lighting such as pendant lights in your kitchen gives it the perfect finishing touch. You can create ambiance and atmosphere in your kitchen by selecting a variety of ceiling fixtures, under cabinet fixtures, chandeliers, wall lights, track lighting or recessed lighting.

Endless light fixtures and designs are available online to suit your taste and budget, so it's easy to source the perfect lights to add extra style and attractiveness to your kitchen. If you need help to decide what style is best for your kitchen, however, visit your local lighting stores to get advice and guidance from the professionals.

4. Window Dressings: If you have windows in your kitchen you can enhance them beautifully with curtains or blinds.

There are many sleek, modern blinds available to dress your kitchen windows if you’re after a contemporary look. These can come in bold colours to make a statement or subtle, muted tones to blend in with your wall colour for a more understated result.

Traditional style kitchen windows look great with a patterned roman blind or traditional drape style curtains.

5. Kitchen Countertops and Island Benches: Kitchen countertops and island benches are a crucial element of your kitchen. Make sure you research the best material to suit your lifestyle and budget. This Pros & Cons list of various bench top materials is a useful resource.

Solid wood or marble look engineered stone are the perfect choice for a traditional style kitchen. For a sleek, modern look, consider engineered stone in subtle patterns, stainless steel or concrete.

6. Kitchen Sink and Taps: Sinks now come in a variety of materials and colours and can really change the look of your kitchen. From sleek, under-mount sinks to farmhouse style Butler sinks, there is something to suit every kitchen design.

There are also many different styles of taps to consider. These range dramatically in price, so research thoroughly and weigh up cost, quality and design. You can find many designer-look taps available to purchase online that will compliment whichever sink you choose.

7. Other Kitchen Accessories: Accessories such as garbage bins, wall clocks, utensils, storage jars, knife blocks, hand towels and small appliances add the finishing touches to your kitchen design. Choose colours and styles that complement your kitchen and add a unique, personal touch to the overall look.

Kitchen accessories
The decorative items and appliances you choose to complement your new kitchen add the final touches and an element of uniqueness.

When it comes to designing a beautiful and unique DIY kitchen, all you need is a bit of planning, creativity and dedication. Enjoy the process and good luck!

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Vivin Furnishings
Vivin Furnishings
03 mrt. 2021

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